Monday, July 08, 2013

Crazy things

Wow, where to even begin.

Let's just start with crazy things are happening. Crazy good things, and some crazy scary things, things that I said I would never do again and here I am being willing to do them once more. I read a blog post by a sister in Christ that talked about the crazy things that happen when we say "yes" to God. The last time we said yes to something God had laid on our hearts to do my husband had an anaphylaxis reaction to some medicine and almost died several days later.Then other health problems arose and we had to put that on hold. Now we are finally back to a point where we can begin to move foward in fostering a child :) but on top of that it seems like God is working in such a way that we find ourselves possibly help co-lead a church plant in the area. So crazy things are happening and we are excited, and scared about all the stuff that is going on.

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