Thursday, March 15, 2012

3yrs old...and I'm still going.

Yesterday, my 'baby' girl turned 3yrs old. She had a wonderful birthday party this past weekend celebrating with friends. She also got to spend her special day with one of her BFF's, Miss Heather. As our day wound down and we finished supper my husband and I decided to take her and her brother out for ice cream. So we walked down to a little ice cream shop just up the hill and down the street away from us. As we sat and all enjoyed some ice cream I said to my husband..."Do you remember when.... I could not walk this distance without huffing and puffing, I was so exhausted you would consider running home and getting the car in order to bring me back safely." He said "Yes I do." and I said "I do too as well."

This journey has been a slow one.  I know that this time last year I had hoped I would have made goal by now, but the journey turned out to be rather a difficult one....and knowing what I had hoped for then and seeing where I am now I can sometimes get discouraged. But then when I seem to need the motivation to keep going, to not give up, the Lord shows me a small glimpse of the progress I have made. He reminds me of the walks that used to be so very difficult that no longer are, he reminds me of the times I would just sit inside the house and now I instead take my kids out to play. He reminds me of not just the outer transformation of 54pds lost but the inner transformation of having a healthier body.

Yesterday, I celebrated my daughters 3rd birthday and it certainly was one for the memory book.

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