Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My father needs prayer

My father needs prayer. There is a very strong likely hood that my father has skin cancer and that he has had it for a while. He  has been told my several doctors that he needs to get some spots on his ears removed and tested to be sure. One would think upon hearing this kind of information from a doctor that you would seek the medical attention that you are advised but not my dad. He is so proud, so stubborn, he worries about money more than he values his life. He is 50yrs old...it's not an age where one is encouraged to just lay down your life and die. But that isn't how he see's it, I guess. He makes me so angry, and it makes me hurt so much to love him so much. I think though the easy way out would be to just allow myself to take on the calloused attitude that he has had much of my life...but I refuse to live like I'm already dead. I'll take the pain that comes with loving this man so very much. Please pray for him. Pray that he will seek the treatment that he needs...He's 50...there isn't any reason why he shouldn't be alive to see his grandchildren grow up. Why he shouldn't see me continue to grow up.

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