Monday, January 23, 2012

A Momentous Monday post

I always feel so challenged by these posts. Challenged to look for the extraordinary in the ordinary. It is difficult for me to do as I often do not look close enough for the extraordinary but as I think about it and as I look deeper I know that they are here.

I think there are so many things that I could post about from the cute little "Noooooo" my 20 month old said after I asked him if he was filling his diaper up (lol) to the beautiful sweet voice of my daughter saying with joy and excitement.."Mommy, I love you sooo much. You're so beautiful." after picking her up from her morning Church classes. As well as having a husband that has more energy and clarity of mind after months of suffering and wondering if he will ever feel well again.

I think though that the biggest moment that happened this week that I will still cherish, though it isn't  a "happy" memory, was when a friend of mine described her heartache and physical pain with a miscarriage that she was experiencing. I can't fully describe what that moment was like. I can't divulge the details of everything that made a heartache into a cherished memory, but I can say this God blessed my soul and grew my faith in a way that it would not have grown had that moment not have taken place. There is something that happens to a relationship that can't be described when you choose to live and be and meet a person where they are. When you don't try to have all the answers, when you don't try to "explain" things away, when you just are there with them, when God gives you wisdom and just just just be...and wrap your arms around a friend.  My faith grew seeing my friend's faith shine threw, seeing her trust in God even though her pain was deep on so many levels. In the mist of her own pain she conveyed a peace that only God gives and by doing so she gave my heart peace even though it ached for hers. I left her home that day not only feeling closer to her but feeling closer to my Savior. It truly was a momentous stepping stone in my own understanding of faith and in my relationship with my God.

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