Wednesday, December 28, 2011

25pd washer, and 35pds lighter :)

When I joined WW back in June, I did not think that it would take me this long to lose 25pds...and truthfully it probably should not have but I am thankful that I have finally reached that mile stone.  With my WW total of 25pds lost and the 10 I lost on my own before joining I have lost a total of 35pds for the year 2011...maybe I can up that to 37pds by the end of the year (which is quickly) approaching. I feel so very blessed that God has taken me thus far and I really do give him all the credit. I'm not trying to sound 'uber spiritual' about this. I know that I have put in the work to make the changes but I also know that without my relationship with the Lord I would not have made it through the downs that such a journey can have.  Recently a dear friend of mine asked me how I deal with the emotional eating issues and how I just make myself keep going and my honest answer to her was this ...

" I really, truly pray my way through most of it. Honestly, my life isn't one where I can just distract myself from temptations, my life is fairly uneventful so I can't just get up and do something else every time I am tempted to eat away my problems. So during those difficult times I literally sit down and I pray. Sometimes they are short simple prayers like "God, please, oh please, just help me. Change my heart make me long for you more than for this piece of food." Other times I sit and I have a good long cry with the Lord and I talk to him about all of the feelings I am having. In other words sometimes I sit and complain about how "not fair" life is sometimes and He is always faithful usually reminding me and convicting me of my thankless spirit and helping me be more grateful for all that I do have and not all that I can't or shouldn't have. My relationship with my Savior has truly been my key to succeeding thus far in my journey and will continue to the end."

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