Saturday, January 05, 2013

Please Pray

It has been so long since I have  posted anything on this blog. I probably don't have many readers but if you are still there I wanted to ask for prayer.

Lately my husband and I have had huge desires, and almost burdened by these desires, placed on our hearts. Specifically in the area of adoption, or foster care. We are not sure of what either of those will look like for our family or how it will unfold but we have a MAJOR hurdle that needs to be overcome if we are ever to start pursuing either of those things. The hurdle is this we have four people living in a 2 bedroom apartment. I know for sure that in Indiana you have to have so much square footage to a house and the child has to be able to have a "space" for themselves (not necessarily a room but a space.) This usually includes their own dresser and a bed. We do not even have room for our own 2 children to have their own dressers even if we were to clear out toys ect we still would probably not have enough space. I am unsure whether or not this same rule applies to adoption. I also do not think that there is a requirement to own your own home but just that you have to established a place of residency.

We realize that the process to adoption and even foster care can be long and hard but we are discouraged by the fact that as of right now we can't even begin either knowing that it would probably prove to be fruitless. In the mean time we give, we give our money, we give our time, and we give ourselves to prayer on the behalf of others though we probably do not do any of this nearly as much as we could.

What we, what I am asking, is that you would pray that God will do what seems like a miracle in the economy we have here (although our economy is still far better off than many countries) and either give my husband a better job either through a promotion through his current company or with another company. This, we think, we allows us to afford to live in a bigger place and at least begin the steps of either adoption or foster care.

I know that my God is a big God and I have been feeling convicted of the fact that for so long I haven't allowed myself to dream of big things that the Lord my have us to do for him. Mostly because big things seem impossible when you are sinful human being and so much of yourself can get in the way. And also because I honestly haven't thought that God would actually be there walking with me through it.  I have been challenged by other blogs, by friends, by books and by my husband that this should not be a mentality that Christians have. I have much to not be despairing and depressed about and I will likely not be apart of sharing God's glory if I don't even try (not that God needs my help in spreading his glory but he does give me the privilege.)

So I decided to be brave and to ask for prayer that you would pray that God would make the first steps seem reachable to us by allowing us to get a bigger place. Carl has applied for several manager positions within his company. Pray that the Lord will give him one of them. Pray that even though the process will probably be a slow one, as I am sure once we had a bigger place we would have to live there for so long, that the desire to adopt internationally or through foster care would only grow. Pray that God would do the impossible and make it happen even if we don't think it can. Pray that God would use this waiting time to grow our hearts to be more like his heart so that we would not give up when things got tough. And if you know of recourses or the first steps that we could take into finding out more about adopting feel free to email me or post them.

Please forgive my thoughts they seem to be so scrambled but I wanted to share what the Lord has laid on my heart and I wanted to ask for pray. I have been reading a book by Philip Yancey  titled PRAYER and the Lord has used it to give my own heart a renewed sense of why I should be praying and why I should ask others to pray. So here I am asking that you pray with me for God to do what seems impossible in our lives.



Bethany Guthrie said...

Well lucky for me, I had your blog address saved, you tricky woman! I'll be praying Carl gets one of the promotions. This desire has also been growing in my heart. I was actually listening to a sermon the other day that mentioned making specific requests according to God's will, and I think that's what you are doing, and I think God will answer it! Love you and thankful to have you as a friend.

Kara said...

While reading your post Sara the Lord reminded me of this truth from
Matthew 19:26, But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Cling to that and also be open to God's timing and let Him work out all the details in His time. I think that is the hard part!

What God has given you is a desire straight from Him, I will pray it grows and that God does indeed open a door for adoption or foster care!

Sara said...

Thanks Bethany I'm thankful to have you as a friend as well!!!

Kara thanks for the reminder. I often do not have enough faith that God really can do the impossible and the waiting on his timing is so hard to do. Sometimes I think he makes us wait so long because there are so many areas that we need to grow in before we can do certain things. I know that this has been so true in my life. I also know that even if we were to get a bigger place that there may even be a longer wait as so many adoption agencies require a certain amount of time in a place. So it will probably be a long wait for us still but we would love to at least get over the first big hurdle. In the meantime we just have to wait and trust as you said. It is hard though. Thank you for your prayers

Vanessa said...

can I ask something? Have you already started training to be foster parents? Because I know from experience that DHS is so desperate for good families to foster and adopt that they will do whatever it takes to get you....who knows what a decent social worker could start in motion for you as well? Sometimes you have to put your foot in the water before it parts for you : )

Ok, now I'm praying...

Sara said...

Vanessa, we didn't know that at all. I actually have been wondering the same thing as I have seen signs all over our city for Foster parents being needed and have felt a pang in my heart every time I see them to just make a call and find something out. Great encouragement Friend.